Sunday, July 17, 2016

BioTech + Art

Bio-technology overlaps with many aspects: it includes partially medical technology, animal studies, botany and robotics. The studies of biology have enabled human to understand the how animals and plants reproduce, growth, mate and maintain lives, and therefore we might be able to duplicate or reproduce lives in certain circumstances.

In garden designing, there is a new kind of design that fully utilized scientists' understanding of plants - vivarium. It is a little  garden with dirt, bugs and plants inside a closed bottle that can self-maintain without much care. The living condition must be set accurately so that the oxygen & carbon dioxide producing - consuming cycle and water cycle are in equilibrium.

By investigating the ability and functionality of animal structures, we have been able to mimic the nature's best choice of designs. For example, planes were initially invented inspired by the structure of birds. Nature already gave the best solution to balancing bodies and also enhancing floating forces, because when wind flows above the upper arc of the wings, it creates a floating force that is big enough to lift the main body of birds.

Moreover, it seems like bio-scientists could not withdraw their artistic creativity and hand it over to botanic designer and engineers. Recently there is a new kind of painting that is drew by biologist with animal organs, living tissues, bacteria and organisms. 


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